A new King Ludwig II movie

You just wait 40 years and there you go: a new movie about the life of Ludwig II is in the making. From now until November they are using the original scene, the castles of Neu Schwanstein and Hohenschwangau as well as the spot on the Starnberger See where the King died. The director Peter Sehr and his wife Noelle Marie wrote the screen play themselves and it took them 4 years. Now finally the shooting started.

Ronald Mühlfellner, who is producing the movie for the Bavaria is defining his movie and describing his goal: ” From the current point of view we want to facilitate a very accurate and intense view onto this figure.”

In order to avoid pathos the film makers hired a young and charismatic actor for the role of the King,   Sabin Tambrea, from the Berlin Ensemble. In the supporting roles we will see Hannah Herzsprung as Sissi, Edgar Selge as Richard Wagner, Uwe Ochsenknecht as Prinz Luitpold und Axel Milberg as Max II.

Because the movie´s length is limited to 130 minutes, the plot has to be reduced to the essential points of the biographic episodes.

In the end of 2012 the movie is supposed to hit the market. We therefore still have plenty of time left to look forward to this cinematic highlight.


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